Secret Mojo


The Colonel had his herbs and spices.  ShamWOW was invented by those crafty Germans.  Popular belief says you need secret sauce if you want to be a huge success. Conventional wisdom be damned, I’m here to spill the beans on my secret mojo… What makes GrillMaster Flash a Kick Ass griller is — the people around me.

That’s right, a real cook loves cooking for and with people.  You’re equal parts artist, entertainer and conversationist. You cook to make folks happy. To give them something that enables their day to be a little better. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an amazing group of friends and family who share in your passion.
For me, it’s the love of Kick Ass grillin’ and my amazing group is affectionally known as The Mojo Choir.

Meet the gang:

Martin (aka StuntDouble) – The next best thing in the grillin’ world.

Rick (aka PreacherMan) – Both a real preacher and a man of the grill.

Heath (aka FireStarter) – Sparks the conversation for better or worse.

Grant (aka KidSpice) – From day one, born and raised by the fire.

Audrey (aka PickyPixie) – Knows in one bite if it’s smokalicious or not.

Tami (aka HotWing) – The cook’s muse and queen of the side dish.

Randy (aka GrillMaster Flash) – The lead singer and master of the grill.


The taste is bold, but our secret is simple.  If Kick Ass grillin’ is a lifestyle, GrillMaster Flash and The Mojo Choir are livin’ the good life!