Legendary Grilling

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It All Started…

I’ve been grilling since a wee man. Some of my fondest childhood memories have a grill front and center… Sittin on the back deck with my dad, red meat on the grill, shooting cans, listening to Waylon and Willie…

The GrillMaster Legacy

I bought a Traeger wood pellet grill when I lived in Colorado and that put me on the map as a local hero. Sure, I had my classic training in basic grilling, but this grill inspired me to dream big.  Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, tenderloins and even grilled pizzas drew crowds from near and far. This grill had its own space in the garage and pushed my truck out to brave the outdoors. My boy started early and had his own grill at 2!

When we moved back to Georgia, the moving truck provided limited space.  We had to make some serious decisions as to what would be making the trip with us.  In the end, the Traeger grill took priority over many things including the family dog, Bubba (God rest his soul).

Back in the South, I had to step up my game.  What Coloradans found creative and daring were only average recipes in Georgia. I began entertaining for larger and larger audiences. Word of these gatherings spread fast and before I knew it, we had regular events at the house for people to try my new recipes.  These recipes, combined with the love and careful preparation earned my reputation as GrillMaster Flash.

Thats A FireFive years later, that same grill that sparked innovation earned more stripes in a massive grease fire.  Let me just warn you, it’s not a good idea to leave the salty, greasy crust from brisket all over the grill when turning it on high.  About 15 minutes after turning her on, I checked on my baby to see if she had reached a good temp to throw on a pizza.  Much to my surprise, there was a billowing smoke coming out and the thermostat registered 600 degrees.  I opened the lid to find a raging inferno.  After dousing it with baking soda, the paint had peeled off the top and the flavorful crust on the inside had completely burnt off.  Amazingly enough, she fired right back up and has still never had a problem!

This event provided even more character than the story can tell.  Now, every time I look at her and see the rust where paint had once been, I smile and say: “That was Smokalicious'”!

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