Atlanta BBQ Festival – Journal

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The day has arrived for checkin at the first-ever Atlanta BBQ Festival. You’re going to get first-hand, real-time updates from GrillMaster Flash. Come out and support the home team.


  • 05:30 Woke up, got ready, got on game face, headed out for the main event
  • 06:30 Arrived at the mojo dojo and fired up all 3 smokers
  • 07:00 Start smoker for ribs, remove ribs from cooler and then place on smoker
  • 08:00 Prepare salmon
  • 10:00 chicken on grill at 250 degrees
  • 10:30 remove brisket and tempt judges
  • 11:00 wrap ribs in foil
  • 12:30 remove chicken and let rest, take ribs out of foil
  • 12:45 put 6 best wings in box for judges
  • 13:00 turned in winning chicken
  • 13:15 removed ribs and let rest, cut out 6 best ribs for judges
  • 13:30 turned in winning ribs
  • 13:45 some pro judges came by and said the ribs had pro potential
  • 14:00 glazed salmon and turned on high
  • 14:15 removed salmon and added a little drop of franks hot sauce
  • 14:30 turned in winning salmon
  • 15:00 started serving free samples of chicken, ribs, brisket, sausage and bacon
  • 16:00 ran out of samples
  • 17:00 got the results… 7th in overall… not too shabby. ¬†Thinking the amateur judges were more into the sauce than the meat. ¬†I went all Memphis-style dry.


  • 15:30 Loaded up car and trailer and gashed my shin on the trailer
  • 16:00 Got to the Green lot at Turner Field. Ended up with a pretty sweet spot in the middle. Realized just how much I had left at home.
  • 17:00 Once I got power, started the brisket smoking. Left the foil under it this time. Should keep it quite juicy.
  • 18:00 Family came to bring me dinner and junk I forgot.
  • 19:00 competitor meeting. Going to be some great BBQ.
  • 20:00 rinse chicken, drop in buttermilk, write out detailed plan for tomorrow.
  • 20:30 cards with my boy
  • 22:00 pour out buttermilk and rub down with mild jalapeno salt, hang out with friends
  • 23:00 head home and prepare for a big day tomorrow


  • Bought meat in the afternoon (4 racks of ribs, 6lb brisket, 40 chicken wings, 4lb polksa kielbasa, 2lb bacon)
  • Prepared brine, dunked chicken in brine and tossed in fridge
  • Made more BBQ sauce
  • Rubbed down ribs
  • Watched Georgia Tech squeak out a win over Clemson

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