Grill-up on This!

Welcome to the world of Kick Ass grillin'. Don't be afraid to sit a spell and take a load off. Be sure to light a match when you're done...

The GrillMaster's Creed:

  • You don't treat your woman like meat. You treat your meat like a woman.
  • Sunday brunch tastes good. Kick Ass grillin' taste-slaps your mouth into a feedin' frenzy.
  • Each meal is better than the last. Grill-up or get out of the way!

Key Ingredients:

That's Smokalicious!

Damn right it's a passion.

The Master of Meat. The Sultan of Smoke. The King of Kick Ass. Randy's the name, but friends call me GrillMaster Flash.

Cooking is an adventure. You never stop finding ways to make a meal taste better. My quest for the perfect bite led me to the grill. Together, we'll find it.